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Pasture Raised Chickens

Please fill out the form below to reserve your whole chickens. When we receive your order we will contact you with payment options and more pickup details. Chickens will be ready for pickup at the farm as of Nov. 14th.

Our happy hens spend their days scratching and foraging on fresh pasture and their diet is supplemented with GMO-free grain feed. We have a flock of 100 ISA Brown chickens which are a mix of Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White, known as a dual-purpose bird suitable for both egg laying and meat.

As of Nov 14th whole frozen chickens will be available for pickup at the farm for $10 each. They are primarily egg-layers rather than meat birds, meaning they are a lot skinnier - about 2-3 pounds each. They are not the typical roaster you are used to, but they have great flavour and make great soup stock. 

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